The Following governments, agencies, organizations, busninesses and

individuals Support the Klamath Agreements and/or find them to be

in the Public Interest




State Governments

  • California (supported by Schwarzenegger (R) and Brown (D) Administrations
  • Oregon (supported by Kulongoski and Kitzhaber Administrations)


Public Regulatory Agencies

  • California Public Utility Commission
  • Oregon Public Utility Commission

Conservation and Sportsman Organizations

Watershed Restoration Groups

Irrigation, Farming and Ranching Groups

  • Klamath Water Users Association
  • Upper Klamath Water Users Association
  • Ady District Improvement Company
  • Collins Products, LLC
  • Enterprise Irrigation District
  • Inter-County Properties Co
  • Klamath Irrigation District
  • Klamath Drainage District
  • Klamath Basin Improvement District
  • Klamath Water Users Association
  • Klamath Water and Power Agency
  • P Canal Contractors
  • Malin Irrigation District
  • Midland District Improvement Company
  • Pioneer District Improvement Company
  • Plevna District Improvement Company
  • Shasta View Irrigation District
  • Sunnyside Irrigation District
  • Tulelake Irrigation District
  • Van Brimmer Ditch Company
  • Westside Improvement District #4
  • Winema Hunting Lodge, Inc.


Local Businesses

Newspapers Editorializing in Favor of Klamath Agreements

  • The Oregonian
  • The Salem Statesman Journal
  • The Klamath Herald & News
  • The Chico Enterprise Record
  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • The New York Times
  • The Eureka Times Standard
  • The Sacramento Bee